Our Vision and Aims

Our Vision at Hazel Court School


Valuing our Individuals Celebrating our Learning

We strive to provide:

  • Independence and preparation for life after school
  • Inclusion and equal opportunities
  • A total communication environment
  • Challenging but realistic teaching and learning opportunities
  • A caring and nurturing school with opportunities to develop self-esteem
  • Team work and multidisciplinary working in all that we do
  • A close working relationship with parents/carers and all stakeholders
  • Well managed resources for the benefit of all learners
The Aims of Hazel Court School

To operate a welcoming, supportive, yet challenging educational environment in which the pupils can have every opportunity to achieve, be successful, and make choices for themselves, with help from the whole school team.

In close partnership with parents / carers and other professionals, to monitor and meet the ever changing individual educational needs of each pupil, in as inclusive a setting as is appropriate.

To deliver a curriculum that not only complies with the legal requirements, but promotes education in the widest possible sense to aid the development of the pupil/student as a whole person.

To provide opportunities for each pupil / student to contribute to and benefit from the wider community and society in which they live.

To prepare our pupils/students for their lives outside and after school.


In order to meet this aim the two phases operate in slightly different manners.


  • The Secondary Department aims are for pupils to be educated following a mainstream model but with an emphasis on the individual needs of each child.
  • The FE Department aims are to prepare the students for post school provision; continued education and supported living. Therefore the emphasis is on independent living, work experience and students being able to takepart in activities with a wider range of staff and students.