Our School

School Philosophy

We are proud of our school. We’re proud of our pupils and students and what they achieve; proud of their parents and carers and the way we work together; proud of the skills of our staff and governors; and proud of our superb co-located facilities and all that we get out of them. Working altogether, we want your child to achieve all they can, whilst being respected and cared for, in a challenging, exciting, and fun environment. We want your child to enjoy coming to school, as well as benefitting greatly from doing so. And if we’re failing to achieve any of this, we want to be told.

As the staff team, we always work to meet our Pupils’ & Students’ Charter (and which is written from their point of view):

 The Aims of Hazel Court School

  • To operate a welcoming, supportive yet challenging educational environment in which the pupils can have every opportunity to achieve, be successful, and make choices for themselves, with help from the whole school team.
  • In partnership with parents and carers, to monitor and meet the ever changing individual educational needs of each pupil, in as inclusive a setting as is appropriate and can be provided.
  • To deliver a curriculum which complies with legal requirements and promotes education both academically and socially to aid the development of the pupil as a whole person.
  • To provide opportunities for the pupils to contribute to and benefit from the wider community and society in which they live.
As far as visiting is concerned the school operates an open-door policy. Parents who believe their child may benefit from the education provided at Hazel Court School can make contact with the school directly to meet the Headteacher and to visit the school. Formal referral for pupils is usually via the East Sussex Children’s Authority through a completed Statement of Special Educational Needs / Educational Health Care Plan.

Parents / carers of prospective pupils are very welcome to visit the school, and to bring with them any relatives or friends should they wish. It is best to allow from 1 to hours for a first visit, to allow time to see some of the school and to meet the relevant staff.

The Headteacher and Assistant Headteachers are always pleased to meet with parents to discuss any issues.